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Andrey Kutash is a young virtuoso guitarist who performs pop as well as a unique blend of Ukrainian and Flamenco music. His set consists of various pop songs as well as traditional instrumental pieces.

Andrey Kutash was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has been playing the guitar for over 20 years, 15 of which have been professionally. In 1990, he began his studies on Flamenco guitar techniques and melodies in the 90s. He released his first professional recording in 1997, titled "Kutash". "Kutash" is a compilation of original and traditional Ukrainian/Flamenco music. It is the first example of the original musical style Andrey has created. It is a new and intricate style of music - which has wowed all audiences.

Andrey's second recording is now available on CD, titled "Kutash II, Carpathian Echoes". "Kutash II" is a lively CD, with a few softer guitar pieces. There are five guest artists who are featured on this recording . They play the following instruments: violin, tsymbaly (a traditional instrument), piano and mandolin. There are also three songs with vocals.

Andrey's third recording is now available, aptly titled "Kutash III". "Kutash III" features lively traditional Flamenco pieces mixed with traditional Ukrainian melodies. Andrey has performed at various locations in Quebec, Ontario and New York. Kutash can be heard on radio stations in Montreal, B. C., Alberta, and on the World Wide Web..

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